+What is niceSERVE?

niceSERVE is a week long church-wide service initiative we typically do twice a year. Our whole church comes together to participate in service projects throughout the community!

+Is childcare available?

Yes! Mostly. For children ages 3 months-Kindergarten, childcare is available for Saturday projects. A link to sign your child up for childcare will be sent to you in your confirmation email once you’ve signed up for a project or you can sign up for childcare here. Your kids who are older than Kindergarten are encouraged to serve alongside you (but don’t forget, that means you need to pick a K-5th Friendly Project)!

+What do I wear?

Wear your niceSERVE shirt, closed-toe shoes, and some clothes you’re OK getting dirty.

+When do I show up?

Weekday Projects: at the time scheduled for the day
Saturday Projects: Saturday at 8:30 a.m.

+Where do I go?

Weekday Projects: head straight to the project site
Saturday Projects: meet your team in the parking lot of the Summit campus where your project is based out of.

+Can I invite anyone to this?

Oh, for sure. Anyone is welcome to participate in niceSERVE! Bring your friends, your family, your neighbor, your neighbor’s friends and family.

+How do I know I’ve signed up?

You will receive an email saying so. This email will confirm you signed up and it will contain all the information you need for the project. Didn't get an email? Email us and we'll be happy to help!

+How do I get a free shirt?

You’re asking good questions! You can pick one up in the Lobby of any Summit campus.

+Should I bring any supplies?

Bring whatever you need to feel set for a day of serving—water bottles, sunscreen, etc. If donations or supplies (like shovels and paint and stuff) are needed for the project you’re joining, your project leader will let you know about that as soon as possible.

+What if I can’t make it to niceSERVE, but I signed up?

We’re bummed you can’t make it, but just let your leader or the niceSERVE coordinator for your campus know as soon as possible. We’ll miss you, but we’ll figure it out.

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Lake Mary Campus |
Waterford Campus |

+Can I sign up my friends?

Yes, absolutely! That’s nice of you. You just need to know what their email address is or you can send them a link to sign up for themselves.

+Can I sign up after a project is full?

Unfortunately, if a project is full, we cannot add people to it. Sorry about that, but don't let it deter you from serving! There are plenty of opportunities.

+Will there be lunch?

We provide lunch for the Saturday Projects! When you get back to your campus there will be 4 Rivers sandwiches available (even veggie burgers and hotdogs if that’s what you’re looking for).

+Why are there age limits on projects?

Some projects require age limits based on specific requests from the nonprofits. They primarily base this on liability/insurance purposes and also the type of tasks or environment for the project.

+Why do we do background checks for some projects?

Some projects require background checks when we are working with some of the most vulnerable in our community. These are required to add peace of mind to the organizations and people we are serving.

+What about transportation to our projects?

We do not provide transportation, but we do encourage carpooling amongst group members.


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